A little bit about myself

I didn’t choose Graphic Design it chose me. Since I was a child I always played around in Paint and later on in programs such as Print Shop Pro. I was supposed to study accounting and all my subjects in school were chosen accordingly. During my last year in high school I decided that accounting was not for me. My dad and I sat for hours going back and forth because I wanted to study drama and he wanted me to study accounting. After countless hours our compromise was graphic design. I applied to study print production and design at Prestige Academy. After a few months we heard that I was successful and so my creative journey began. From the get go I loved it and my dream of becoming an actress was long gone. I graduated in 2010 from Prestige Academy and started to work at a print shop in December 2010 to gain experience in printing. In July 2011 I started working at Discover South Africa and there I learned a great deal. I had to design A2 fold into DL maps, banners, pvc panels for expo stalls, and flyers. In October 2014 I started working at Discount Traveler where I design an Online Travel Magazine – www.thetravelermag.com. In 2016 they promoted me the editor of the Traveler Mag. My design experience increased in leaps and bounds.In 2019 I decided to become a full-time Freelance Graphic Designer. If you want a good quality design that will stand out I am the designer you need! 

"Graphic Design isn't a job it is a way of life"